XPRIZE's new headquarters, totaling 25,000 SF space, was designed as an incubator space for a wide variety of initiatives. The client yearned for a minimal aesthetic that would free the space conceptually, and enhance the opportunity for change and regeneration. Design for the project supported the idea of a “blank canvas,” allowing our client’s teams to project their individual personalities, culture, and history of experiences directly into the space. The design avoided obvious edges of materials so the boundaries of space appear infinite. Adjacent to the main reception area is a “Visioneering Room” – a glassed-in multi-purpose room acting as an idea lab. The story wall is a vertical element wrapping the edges of reception, public spaces, and adjoining open workspaces to create a diorama of prize history.  The story begins with a scaled model of their first spacecraft suspended above the reception area.

XPRIZE Foundation


Culver City, CA