EQ Office

Master Planning / Architecture

Irvine, CA

The design goal for VKCC was to create a connection between buildings through a green belt that adapts to the new work environment for the creative generation. The green belt was specifically designed to be a multi-functional hub that encourages gatherings, serendipitous meetings, socializing, playing, and relaxing throughout. The main pathway connecting the campus is an interpretation of a stream of water flowing through and directing movement. The pathway not only acts as the main link, but also engages the main zones which were designed to allow for different functions in a way that enhances engagement with the landscaped environment. The campus center was strategically located to become the nucleus of the campus and becomes the main social hub. It is spatially defined by “the feather” which is a physical representation of movement and dynamic environment that is now a defining characteristic of the site. The Grove creates another special moment that engages and promotes interaction and serves as a daily destination for lunch. The café and organic benches are nestled within a group of trees, making for a cozy and pleasant landscaped setting. The active zone is a multi-functional space that was designed to promote physical activity and casual gatherings. It is home to a multi-sport court and becomes a main destination for play. This amenity-rich campus environment creates flexible spaces that meet the needs of the user and fully adapts to the creative generation.