World Poker

Games are one of the oldest forms of social interaction and are passed on through generations. WPT needed to create a space worthy of carrying that legacy, while also being able to support the functional needs of the team.  Our goal was to mix residential warmth with restrained playfulness to create a lively office that connects those who work in the space with the brand that they embody. This passion for community was also reflected in WTP’s strong commitment to inclusivity in all aspects of their brand. They found the more touchpoints they created for inclusion, the better their team performed.


Commercial Office


World Poker Tour


Irvine, CA

Work hard
play hard

WPT’s wanted their new space to infuse a chic and playful aesthetic to the game of poker’s HQ’s. The challenge was how to do so without compromising the effectiveness of the workforce. With more opportunities to play comes more opportunities for distraction as well as an abundance of noise.

Never count your money when sitting at the table

We infused the idea of ‘play’ and social interaction throughout the space with a subtle, yet sophisticated hand.  A custom poker table (fit with everything you need to play) sets the tone as the first touchpoint greeting you in the office.  A chic, playful design style was applied office-wide through design and furniture, with company branding tastefully incorporated across backsplash, couches, and chair legs. The use of brand colors on areas of potential community and inclusivity points back to WTP’s commitment to fun as essential to the brand.  Functionally, abstract carpet and floating ceiling tiles designed to resemble cards not only worked with the theme but also help mitigate sound in the Open Work Area.