A concept initially proposed on ABC’s Shark Tank, the Bouqs Company is an online retailer that has set out to disrupt the well-established floral industry by bringing the flowers from the farm directly to the doorstep of the consumer. With a greenhouse-like space in mind for this project, keeping the building light and airy was crucial. This began with an edict that the space be as open and flexible as possible. The space was designed for meetings and workshops to emerge in almost any part of the headquarters. Flowers are scattered everywhere, represented both literally and figuratively: The chandelier at the reception desk, which casts a floral shadow, is interpretive, while dainty details such as floral patterned tiles are more literal. The end result was a playful, fresh oasis for the company’s employees; One that felt open and inviting with floral outfittings throughout.


Creative Office


The Bouqs Co.


Marina Del Rey, CA

a Budding

Having acquired a beautiful space in Marina Del Rey, online floral retailer Bouqs wanted their office to better reflect their brand’s mission to bring romance and delight back to flower giving. Additionally, with the company seeing tremendous success, their space had to be future-minded.

With a strong aesthetic already a foundational element of the brand, we helped give the people at Bouqs a space worthy of delight, while also considering the need to accommodate a quickly expanding workforce.

work in
full bloom

We created a fresh oasis for the company’s employees; one that felt open and inviting with floral outfitting’s throughout. By arranging the offices adjacent to one another, the team maximized both the useable square footage and the collaborative possibilities. The space was designed to allow meetings and workshops to emerge organically throughout.

Starting reception, the new chandelier casts a subtle floral shadow, while detail such as floral-patterned tiles are more overt. Custom-made tulip-shaped light fixtures hang in pastel-hued carved booths, creating space for employees to work or share a meal. A workshop to conceptualize new products anchors the space and has a sense of whimsy reminiscent of rural floristry.

Finally, we created a lounge area with comfortable seating, gaming options, a pool table, and adult beverages to give employees a chance to exhale. An enclosed outdoor patio serves as a backdrop for staff to pause, relax, hold casual meetings, and party!