Red Bull North America is the world’s premium energy beverage manufacturer, with a strong presence in brand and culture-driven media across music, entertainment, the arts, and extreme sports. They are passionate about fostering community among their employees, and this sense of teamwork and collaboration provided inspiration for the design process. Known for their partnerships with content creators who specialize in death-defying stunts, record-breaking feats, and sensory experiences, we wanted to create a space that celebrated this by engaging the senses. We also strategized around the unique soil found in Santa Monica, meaning expanded use of Geotech and research that would inform the construction and installation of the 70 ft deep support pilings.


Creative Office


Red Bull


Santa Monica, CA

the limits

We needed to build a space that not only celebrated Red Bull’s passion for breaking boundaries, but that would consolidate buildings scattered around West Los Angeles to a new unified home. Finding that home in Santa Monica would present its own challenge, as we worked to find solutions that would turn the area’s unique geography, into useable space.