This medical office is designed to be a patient-focused, relaxed environment. The Orthopedics and Urgent Care clinic features reimagined spaces, including a modern physical therapy facility and advanced imaging rooms. The design strives to enhance the users’ experience by creating a warm, inviting, and calming atmosphere. From soothing colors to comfortable seating, we prioritize your well-beingand comfort during your visit.

Caring for the whole person includes designing for the dedicated employees. By incorporating employee amenities, such as comfortable break rooms and ergonomic workstations, we not only enhance their well-being and work experience but also contribute to a positive environment. We understand that their happiness directly impacts the quality of care provided, which leads to a harmonious and nurturing space that benefits both patients and employees alike.



Branding & Content

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OSS Medical


Burbank, CA


The primary objective was to establish an environment that is both comfortable and user-friendly for both patients and employees.

To achieve this, the design incorporates an open floor plan that connects the check-in area and the lobby, creating a sense of spaciousness and easy access for Clinic operations. This arrangement promotes a welcoming and seamless experience for patients as they move through the facility.

Furthermore, the inclusion of way-finding signage throughout the building ensures easy navigation, enhancing the overall comfort of patients. By considering the needs of both patients and employees, the design not only emphasizes functionality and efficiency but also cultivates a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for all.


OSS is a state-of-the-art medical office equipped with advanced imaging technology and top-notch facilities. One crucial aspect of our facility is the MRI machine room, which boasts full radio frequency shielding. This shielding not only ensures the safety of individuals nearby but also guarantees precise and accurate imaging results.

To effectively block interference, a copper cladding lines beneath the surface of all the walls, floor, and ceiling. This, in conjunction with our collaboration with consultants, exemplifies our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to safety and quality.

By combining cutting-edge imaging technology with stringent safety measures, we demonstrate our dedication to delivering exceptional environments for both our patients and medical professionals.


The design team, in collaboration with the structural engineer, devised a clever solution for reinforcing the imaging floor slab using Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP). This approach offers structural reinforcement without the need to install a new steel beam, streamlining the process. Moreover, it minimizes disruptions to the existing parking garage ceiling by ensuring ample headroom clearance and avoiding any clashes with existing pipes and ducts.