We revamped Mureau Road into a contemporary workplace tailored to modern needs. The lobby now exudes sleekness with elegant back wall paneling and vertical cove lighting, framing the skylight and refined lobby staircase. We integrated a versatile desk design layout for spontaneous interactions. Adjacent, a meeting room and redesigned kitchen connect seamlessly to the outdoor patio and media room. We upgraded amenities include a gym and spa-like restrooms, evoking serenity inspired by the Calabasas hills and Malibu waters that ehances the marketability of the space for a thoughtfully designed office in the hills.


Tenant Improvement


Mureau Road LLC


Calabasas, CA

and gathered

This upgraded kitchen caters to all tenants, offering a versatile space perfect for hosting various events such as training sessions, celebrations, and relaxed gatherings like fun Fridays. Embracing the established tradition of daily potlucks, it provides a welcoming environment for employees to bond over shared meals during lunch breaks.

With the power of connecting the interior to our exterior surroundings, the operable glass wall system opens and the continuous pavers allow a seamless flow to a shaded outdoor patio. Centering the kitchen with a spacious elongated island that rises to any occasion; it can accommodate catered events as it does moments for a mid-day snack. With its timeless finishes and smart lighting, the space exudes a modern yet understated elegance that promises durability for decades to come.

the welcoming

The entry area of this suite serves a dual purpose, seamlessly transforming into an open pantry. Utilitarian items are thoughtfully organized within a wall structure that functions as convenient cubbies for appliances. This design choice not only ensures a clutter-free appearance for the bar and cabinetry area but also creates a welcoming, hospitality-focused first impression for the suite. It is also prudent with programming and space allocation, creating only one pantry that hosts clients as well as serving the employeesí daily needs.