J2 Global is an internet information and services company with multiple brands under its umbrella. As an ever-growing company,the time for a new space that fosters community and inspiration was now. The design goal was to create a culture with their people at the nucleus of that message. In this new space, we were able to create moments where employees could take a break during their busy workday, while still being in the office. Planned neighborhoods, the use of natural materials, and a calm palette with pops of color helped identify areas of collaboration vs. pockets of privacy.



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J2 Global, INC


Los Angeles, CA

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J2 Global, Inc’s new headquarters are located at the Bloc in DTLA; an up-and-coming hub, which speaks directly to J2’s inclusive business model. J2 wanted a space that was fun and innovative, and really encouraged employees to work together. J2 came to Wolcott looking to create a comfortable space that could act as a second home. This was guided by using a calm palette and enhancing the natural light provided by full-height perimeter windows. Guests are greeted with a sophisticated entry, introduced with rich materials and colors, and a breathtaking 360 view of Los Angeles.


With an elevated reception, great views, and an airy feeling paired with vibrant tones throughout, J2 Global’s headquarters doesn’t feel like a typical internet information company. The finished product is an inviting office space that connects LA-based employees with those who venture from afar.