Hasbro has been a global household name for generations thanks to a history of delivering on its mission to create “the world’s best play experience.” Now, it is leveraging beloved brands into technology, media, and entertainment success stories. When it was time for their Los Angeles team to move into their new offices, the space needed to match the sophistication, capabilities, and promise of the brand. The team started by conducting four test fits for the company, on four different buildings. The selected site gave Hasbro the top two floors of a building on a centrally located small campus with outdoor eating areas, restaurants, a gym, ample parking—and room to grow.


Entertainment Office


Hasbro INC.


Burbank, CA

Share of

At Hasbro, employees talk about “Share of Life”—creating multidimensional franchises that are rooted in great stories and great characters, thereby making the world a better place for children and their families. The West Coast offices needed to live up to this promise but the existing offices were disconnected, separating departments that would benefit from being together. It was not a space that they could bring clients, and it lacked key elements such as a studio big enough for product photography needs. The design team was asked to create an environment that aligned with the vision, values, and needs of a highly creative team.


The design philosophy grew out of a desire for flexibility and sophistication that speaks to Hasbro’s 30-something demographic— and represents products past, present, and future. From the moment employees or visitors enter, they are greeted with “Wow” factor: ribbed arches span the reception area, mimicking a board game. This area is multi-functional, with movable glass partitions that close off a board room for privacy or open into the “Share of Life” room, creating open space. Colors and tones are neutral, subtly carrying throughout the plan, allowing Hasbro’s brand colors to pop.


Open break-out spaces bring the colors together, giving the whole a greater sense of unity. Hallways double as art galleries, featuring employee product art illuminated by unique, lovely LED lighting. Shared open space was a major consideration for people used to working in private offices; the solution was flexibility. Three hexagonal hubs feature AV media that can be used for collaborative meetings. Offices are the same size—even executive offices— creating a sense of everyone being “in it together.” The design team even made conference rooms the same size as offices, allowing for future growth and flexibility. When the project started, Hasbro gave the team free rein to start fresh, rather than asking them to conform to standards established in Rhode Island. The result were new LA offices so on brand, so perfectly suited to the future of the company, that corporate headquarters has told the design team that they intend to use the Los Angeles offices as the new standard.