Fandango is an American ticketing company under the umbrella of NBC Universal. The client wanted to make sure that the space stood separate from its parent company, and that the building was contemporary while avoiding the clichés of the dot-com world. One of the central notions throughout the project was wellness. Based on the care that Fandango puts into their relationships with their employees, pursuing WELL certification was a natural fit. The certification rewards designers that take steps to create a healthy and wellness-focused space for employees, and it is extensive; natural light, clean air, healthy food options, and even non-toxic cleaners are just a few of the considerations.


Creative Office






Beverly Hills, CA


The challenge with Fandango’s new office was to create an open environment for collaboration, while merging the feeling of youthful technology firm it was built on, with a more established mature brand that had left the startup phase. The median age of the employees at Fandango is 28, but the company is well past its startup phase. Extra consideration was paid to the northside of the office, which suffered from obstruction of natural light due to a building next door.


The design in its final form was a two-floor space with ample room for expansion, minimally branded, that took the health of its young employees into consideration, and that encouraged teamwork through office-wide sightlines wherever possible.  

We achieved WELL certification by incorporating a wellness room, with hammocks and regular yoga classes, three large patios with views of the city, a kitchen and break area lit by daylight, and a wall of dried moss that brings the outdoors inside and a different material to the space.