eHarmony is an iconic online dating website based in Los Angeles, which launched in 2001.

eHarmony’s objective was to transform the space into an environment that is warm, welcoming, and an embodiment of the relationships they promote. They wanted their building to foster a bond between their employees and the community  

The design philosophy was to bring the outside in. We worked diligently with contractors and millworkers from design through construction to realize what was possible in the structure, the ultimate ambition being a ceiling made up of custom-milled wooden panels that trace the silhouette of the Santa Monica Mountains.


Corporate Office






Los Angeles, CA


We were challenged to create an office for the romance experts at eHarmony. It needed to not only celebrate the love they work to create but love for the city they call home.  

With some floors on their building being very tight and severely limited window bays, there was a lack of visual interest. We challenged the client to connect the 17th and 18th floors with additional community space in order to create a welcoming vibe for guests entering the offices.


Wolcott designed an open, collaborative, and energizing workspace to celebrate the premier relationship company’s success.  
The design featured a dramatic communication stair between the office floors to encourage employee interactions and a custom-designed chandelier that welcomes guests in the lobby. Other high-impact design elements were focused on the penthouse level that includes a conference, training, and dining center, as well as a north-facing balcony.

We opened up the reception area and added three, 13’ tall window bays facing the Santa Monica Mountains. These unobstructed views provide a continuous sight-line to the outside for anyone stepping off the elevators. This gracious window height was incorporated on all floors to perpetuate the theme. The reception desk itself subtly mimics the letter “e.”

Conference rooms are finished with stone and wood, a red carpet - a subtle suggestion of love - and horizontal wooden slats along the windows offer privacy when needed. A coffee-bar, conversation nooks, and a connecting stair all open onto the reception area, encouraging employees to mingle with each other and visitors.