DaVita, Italian for “Giving life”, is a kidney care company that planted its flag at the intersection of health and care—DaVita exists for the sake of serving its nearly 200,000 patients in 12 countries. The goal of our design was to foster teammates’ interaction and reflect DaVita’s culture and brand. To that end, we strategized this space with a specific office flow in mind. We wanted to create intentional interactions between all levels of the team throughout the day, simulating the type of encounters that one would experience at home. This home away from home concept became the design philosophy.


Corporate Office


DaVita Healthcare


El Segundo, CA


Offices are places of pride for companies, where the best parts of a brand come to life and inspire workers and guests. But if the goal of an office is to celebrate the community it creates before the work that gets done there, how do you still make it a well-branded experience? We had to give DaVita a space that would naturally simulate the organic encounters one would experience in their favorite coffee shop, while also creating a sophisticated workplace.


The human element and functionality were at the foreground of the design for the space - the pantry features glass pane garage doors that brought elements of the outside in, the interconnecting stair allows for cross-level communication and visibility, the skylight in the heart of the space provides an outpouring of sunlight to bring life to serendipitous interactions, and the carefully selected furniture and finishes mimic that of a home so as to emphasize the home-like environment for their DaVita family. Executives, employees, and guests were guided by the flow of the building to walk through the hearth of the space, welcomed by a flood of light emanating from a 500 square foot skylight, into the work area, and onto the executive offices.