Critical Content is a production company that creates content for multiple TV platforms and focuses on both scripted and non-scripted material. Beginning as a start-up, they grew organically and found the need and opportunity for a new office environment to accompany their evolving identity. Creativity and personality were core concepts in the interior design and were accented by thoughtful furniture selections and a curated art collection throughout. In strategizing the locations, we determined that the creatives and executives would be located in West Hollywood and the post-production team would be located in Burbank. While they wanted to ensure that the functional requirements were met, it was also critical that the space foster artistic thinking and community. The design team, inspired by the project objectives, set out to create a multi-functional and creatively inspiring space.


Creative Office


Critical Content


West Hollywood, CA


Beginning as a start-up, Critical Content had grown organically into various dispersed locations. Though the client was mindful of the need to separate the departments, it was imperative that the connection between the two not be lost. The challenge was finding how to accommodate two integral sides of the business in a way that created clear division and allowed uninterrupted workflow. As they expanded, changed management, and rebranded, it was important that even if their locations were increasing, the spaces made it clear that this was one, unified brand.


The floor plan is assembled in such a way that there is curiosity down every sightline while balancing the need for functional space; space is the visual interpretation of their brand and purpose to create dynamic and interesting content. The Lounge and Café space was extremely important to their culture, as much of their brainstorming happens around the kitchen island with coffee in hand; this space also serves for entertaining. In the Lounge, there is a TV that is linked to their main post-production space in Burbank, to keep the two arms of the company connected.  The entry sequence is full of little touches that inspire and delight, from the graphic-driven elevator lobby art to the reception desk recreated from an old 1960’s Magnavox TV/turntable. The angular architecture of the space inspired every element in the floor plan: from the conference room that echoes the angles, to custom workstation designs that feature the same angles and into irregular shapes on a dynamic meandering path through the space.