The intensity and scale of the Modernist Corporate Center Pasadena lead one to ask how to provide a more intimate human scale experience to compliment what already exists. By incorporating landscaping that defines specific zones of activity, the plaza starts to have variations and different points of interest. To complement the landscape and the activities, large man-made “trees” are located in these areas to provide comfort and shade. The man-made“trees” also represent a transition between the built and natural environments, tying together the existing Modernist architecture and the natural landscaping in a dynamic new environment.



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Pasadena, CA


A small kiosk embedded in the landscape next to a water feature offers coffee and tea to tenants and visitors. The surrounding landscape and wood decking create an inviting environment to find a shaded spot to relax and enjoy their drinks. Large decked areas with hammocks surrounded by landscape are shaded by trees and shade structures. Situated towards the farther end of the plaza, this zone is visually separated from surrounding areas and offers more of a relaxed atmosphere.


The City of Pasadena has a rich history of unique corridors and connections throughout the city. The Arroyo Seco, a significant geographical feature running through Pasadena, is a 25-mile perennial stream that drains a 47 square mile watershed into the Los Angeles River. The plant palette for CCP contains a mix of woodland and riparian species reflecting the character of the local Arroyo Seco. Grasses and evergreen shrubs with highlights of colorful succulent species will provide a lush natural atmosphere contrasting to the harsh surrounding urban conditions. Specimen Oak Trees will provide natural shade, with a layer of small flowering trees underneath.