The client for this office space approached us wanting a space that was clean and formal-looking for the workspaces, but with a more natural feel for the public areas. To achieve this, we sorted and designated all materials with intention. Raw materials were used in the lounge space for a more natural feel, and wood materials were introduced throughout the public space to provide warmth and hints of color. We kept workspaces formal and clean, with a monotone color scheme and clean alignments throughout the space. This resulted in a space that felt natural and welcoming in the public areas, but still clean and professional in the workspaces. 




Colliers International


Woodland Hills, CA


At the center of the suite is a large mezzanine which protrudes over what would otherwise have been a glorious two-story space. This presented the opportunity to embrace the disproportionately high ceilings by adding private offices with low ceilings along the existing window line for uninterrupted natural light to flow in. With light flooding in through the double height glazed windows, the client was able to reduce the number of lumen outputs throughout the space, resulting in lower fixture counts and using less energy day to day. We utilized the problematic area under the mezzanine for workstation space and collaboration paying careful attention to the acoustical elements to keep a cozy feel with extra touchdown workstations and a guest office. 


There are two collaboration spaces located directly off the main corridor. We needed to provide acoustic solutions with materials like carpet floor, acoustic ceiling tiles, and demountable partitions with a proper seal. The board room is located close to the lobby, and it provides sixteen seats and additional bench seating to accommodate meetings and all hands gatherings. The smaller conference room is located beside the pantry with a dual function as both conference and touchdown space.