AMP&RSAND is a historic location reimagined for the demands of the modern workforce. Offering large, agile spaces to accommodate a company’s growth, it will entice and retain talented employees with amenities that go beyond the nine-to-five workdays of the past. Beautiful & Thoughtful. Modern & Authentic. Creative & Civilized. This is AMP&RSAND, the future of the San Diego workplace.


Adaptive Reuse

Branding & Content

Environmental Graphics



Casey Brown Co. / Westbrook


San Diego, CA


The balance between building new architecture and preserving historic work is ever-evolving. With Ampersand, our challenge was how to reimagine the previous headquarters of the San Diego Union-Tribune as a captivating modern space, without losing its unique historic qualities.

a nod to
the past

We brought to life two buildings located on this historic site by creating common ground between them and strategically preserving the bones of each building. The demand for unique amenities in combination with modern aesthetics is continuously growing and we wanted to accommodate this need by going beyond expectations.The design throughout the site broke the barriers of your typical office building. Using landscape to form pathways and existing architecture to create intimate moments, Ampersand is the future of the San Diego workplace.