Alteryx is an American computer software company based in Irvine, California, creating data science and analytics products designed for accessibility to all data science workers. With a mission to make their clients “rock-stars” and an annual super-hero costume required user conference, Alteryx is far from your average tech company.

Our goal was to create a state-of-the-art, technology driven space that allowed Alteryx to continue shining for their users, while clearly conveying that care for people was at the center of it all.






Irvine, CA


Alteryx kickoff began during Covid-19, meaning an entire new method of work and communication was adopted on the fly. That communication with the client would be critical, as a new CEO transitioned into the job during project launch, bringing new goals and direction to the project.That direction was a strong emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion that would manifest in both operations and design direction. Our challenge was balancing these new objectives, with the existing desires for an immersive technology driven, globally minded, and beach vibe space.


Our starting point was a focus on the calm, relaxed beach-front vibes iconic to Alteryx culture. The key design direction was drawn from an emphasis on community at Alteryx that comes to life through a constant rotation of local beers and coffee on tap, a pipeline of local talent through internships, and the iconic surfboards are given to employees at key job milestones.

The bar area served as a “welcome home” experience for local staff, guests, and users visiting from around the world to the new headquarters. We used marquees and created a “backyard BBQ” setting, perfect for the variety of beach-themed décor and food that would fill the space.


The space also needed a one-stop-shop to showcase its impressivetechnology to both onboarding talent and prospective clients.Inspired by Tony Stark’s state-of-the-art Malibu Beach Residencein “Iron Man,” this property embodied everything we loved aboutAlteryx: the merger of local culture and high-tech.

The pinnacle of this was the Experience Center which featured animpressive display of AV technology. For a company specializing inworkflows, optimizing this area to account for a steady stream ofclient tours and demonstrations was critical. Screens were availablein every configuration possible, and a rotating center panel helps toaccommodate all angles.


Creating a work environment that would accommodate a diverseworkforce was critical. Transparency was key to this, influencingthe adoption of glass surfaces throughout, jewel boxes in themiddle of open areas, and other moves away from the traditionalorganizational hierarchy.

Beyond creating a pathway, we expanded the staircase further thanoriginally planned, to create a physical reminder that what makesAlteryx great, doesn’t come from one floor or suite: it comes fromeverywhere.


“Alter-Us” was also about honoring Alteryx’s global presence. Thiswould be reflected through a series of themed floors and areas,based on the 5 major areas they operate in: The So-Cal area, Africa,The Middle East, Latin America, Europe, and the Asian Pacific.

Different touchpoint experiences that reflect Alteryx’s globaloperating areas were added to the work areas on each floor. This,along with food options uniquely chosen to representative of thefloor they were on, helped incentivize travel throughout.