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Our new office in Los Feliz, California, redefines the modern workplace. The office features a 3D printing Fab Lab, that empowers its architects to bring their designs to life with unparalleled precision and innovation. A sprawling roof deck offers a refreshing escape, providing a tranquil space for employees to recharge and find inspiration amidst views of Hollywood. Adding to the allure, a thoughtfully designed pantry opens to the outside, allowing staff to enjoy the Californian sunshine and nature's beauty during breaks. 

Within the office, captivating environmental graphics artfully narrate the firm's illustrious history and design philosophy, captivating clients and employees alike.  Wolcott's unwavering commitment to a workspace pushes boundaries of contemporary office architecture.


Creative Office




Los Angeles, CA

Stepping into our lobby, you're immediately captivated by the mesmerizing anamorphic logo at its heart, beckoning with an enticing allure. Initially a puzzle of lines and shapes, it gradually unfolds into our iconic W as you shift your viewpoint, creating a visual narrative that lingers with visitors. Beyond aesthetics, our lobby embodies a welcoming ambiance, distinct from typical corporate spaces, with plush seating, curated artwork, and soft lighting fostering an atmosphere conducive to both formal meetings and casual conversations over coffee. It's more than a passageway—it's a destination where ideas flourish, connections thrive, and memories are made, inviting you to immerse yourself and let inspiration take hold.

Entering the vibrant heart of our office, you're enveloped in a palpable sense of purpose amidst the lively buzz of collaboration. Our meticulously designed open workspace transcends functionality, reflecting our firm's ethos through intentional curation of every detail. Each element, from furniture arrangement to decor, is crafted to seamlessly blend creativity and productivity. It's a dynamic hub tailored to diverse work styles, offering tranquil corners for focus and collaborative spaces for innovation.

Natural light floods the room, infusing warmth and vitality, symbolizing our connection to Southern California's landscape. Environmental graphics tell the story of our firm's journey intertwined with Los Angeles culture, reflecting our commitment to community. Beyond aesthetics, our workspace fosters bonds, meaningful connections, and a shared journey of growth, discovery, and fulfillment, where innovation and camaraderie thrive amidst a vibrant tapestry of collaboration and creativity. Welcome to a space where work becomes a journey of self-discovery, shared purpose, and boundless possibility, supported by an environment designed for inspiration and success.

At our workplace, the inclusion of a rooftop deck isn't just a luxury—it's a haven offering respite amidst the hustle and bustle. Serving as a private sanctuary, it provides our team members with a moment of solace, where they can seamlessly transition between relaxation and productivity. More than just a space, it's a nod to our Southern California heritage, granting us the privilege of indulging in the region's most coveted asset: its weather.

Moreover, our verdant rooftop isn't just about aesthetics; it's a homage to the natural beauty that surrounds us. Lush native plant species transport us to the trails and vistas of Southern California, creating a visual tapestry that's as invigorating as it is inspiring. It allows us to embrace the essence of our roots, as we find harmony between work, relaxation, and the great outdoors.

Wolcott is a place where ideas come to life. The phrase JUST MAKE IT painted on the wall serves as a reminder of the hands-on approach that is central to the design process.

This space is designed to be a hub of creativity and collaboration, where we can see our projects take shape before our eyes. From start to finish, the model shop is equipped to bring designs to life, with all the tools and materials necessary for crafting physical models.

Our ability to see our projects in a tangible form helps us understand the details of our designs and make any necessary adjustments. With its collaborative atmosphere and focus on hands-on creation, the FABLAB is an essential resource for us, providing a space for designers to bring our ideas to life.

At our new office, technology seamlessly integrates with architecture to fuel our creative vision, setting industry standards and transforming abstract ideas into tangible realities. In client interactions, advanced visual communication techniques, including virtual and augmented reality, create immersive experiences, fostering deeper engagement and understanding.

Internally, technology facilitates collaboration and innovation through virtual environments, enabling real-time feedback and iteration, driving us to refine solutions and exceed client expectations. Ultimately, technology isn't just a tool but a driving force behind our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and excellence, reshaping the future of architecture and our interaction with spaces.