655 Central has been designed to disrupt the daily routine of the building’s inhabitants by creating moments at the plaza level that trigger the senses. This goal was achieved by opening the interior up to the exterior, allowing for the aroma of flowers and sound of water, and the rustling landscape to permeate the space. The opening promoted a flood of light to stream in and highlight the various textures with which guests are encouraged to interact.

In an attempt to break up the monotony of a day-to-day routine, the new space at 655 Central ameliorates the end-users daily experience by welcoming them with a stimulating first impression and evoking an emotional response throughout the day.



Branding & Content



Divco West


Glendale, CA

eye view

Flying through our day, it becomes imperative that we nestle up and engage our senses. Bringing some of nature indoors allows us to disengage from the typical office structure and set up in our new environment.

we live on the
leash of our senses

Our senses help enhance all of the experiences that occur in our daily lives. As our dependence on technology deepens, are we at risk of losing this integral connection to them? We see this current state of being as a challenge that we can help remedy by creating an environment that provokes the uses of the five basics senses through interaction with the architecture. Encouraging interactive moments throughout the space entices tenants, as well as visitors, to engage with their surroundings in a way that our technocentric lifestyles discourage. By providing a space that aids in guiding us to “stop and smell the roses” our hope is to enrich the lives of those who experience it.