Built in 1971, 6300 Wilshire is a 22-story Class A office tower located in the popular Miracle Mile area of West Los Angeles. The Swig Company’s main objective was to update the lobby and amenity spaces throughout the site. The underutilized spaces throughout the lobby created visual blockades. This, in turn, created an overwhelming maze-like circulation that made it difficult to know where to go. The main goal in our eyes was to create an open gallery-like space that exemplifies circulation and ultimately relaxes the users.


Mixed Use


Corporate Office


The Swig Company


Los Angeles, CA


In a city that emphasizes artistic expression and high-end tenants, there is a constant battle between who we are designing for and where we are located. Marrying the two notions takes ample research and planning in order to execute a thought-provoking design.


By creating main focal points across a newly clean “canvas,” we were able to redirect the flow of the space. The reception desk emerging from the ground becomes the main focus of the lobby, while an overarching sculptural ceiling exemplifies the open space, making the user feel as if they have walked into a sculpture themselves.  

As you circulate your way through the lobby, you are greeted with spaces that branch off into zones for your day-to-day needs. An open-seated working and waiting area flows off from the reception desk, further directing you towards the café. The café bringing pops of color emerge, once again allowing the user to feel as if they are part of the art within the space itself.

As you circulate your way back deeper into the lobby, you are directed towards the outdoor amenity space allowing you to unwind amidst a fire pit and recollect on your day.


Through the new repositioning, new high profiles tenants such as Conde Nast, Getty Images, and New York Life, can take advantage of the main lobby which takes on more of the form of a boutique hotel, than it does an office building. The air of hospitality allows tenants to view the space as an extension of their office while also creating a welcoming experience for visitors to the property.