Both existing and upcoming spaces are being called upon to become something ready for a new approach to the office. 5005 McConnell is a space at the intersection of change, ready to meet the challenges of a new workforce. Situated off of Ballona Creek, and just minutes from the beach 5005 is the escape from the day-to-day office environment. With the winding circulation of the space, pockets of varying programs help to break the mold of what an office can be, and creates an environment for teamwork.


Adaptive Reuse

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Montana Avenue Capital Partners


Marina Del Rey, CA

the box

In a city filled with bustling collaboration and constant movement, no one wants to be inhabiting a building that isn’t accommodating the wide array of users that a company holds. People have started to surround themselves with others who question the status quo, while simultaneously not only think outside the box, but question if the box is even needed at all.

5005 McConnell became the opportune moment to deconstruct the box and create a space of collaboration. Creating a space that pulls from the urban architecture of its surroundings and connecting the roots of the building to the roots of the city.

no load

The exterior and interior seamlessly blend into one another, making space feel like one entity. 5005 opens its doors to users who are eager to stray away from the monotonous routine of sitting in a cubicle and lends itself to a workplace that works for them.

Users are not more than a few seconds away from a variety of experiences and touchpoints meant to reinvigorate and refocus. Outdoor games like ping pong and corn hole, and large lounge seating recreate the community found in your backyard, or by the water.

Make it

We commissioned local artist Charlie Edmiston, to create visual moments that would reflect the unique culture and breathtaking ocean sunsets of Marina Del Rey.

Like the beachside culture we drew creativity from, the application of art on physical pieces makes it experiential, not just observable. These artistic moments become the perfect pockets for socializing.