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Wolcott Spotlight: Matthew Mojica

We're continuing our "Wolcott Spotlight." In these entries, we'll highlight the incredible talent at Wolcott and the ways in which their unique backgrounds and passions, guide their design approach.

We're kicking things off with Job Captain Matthew Mojica. Today, Matthew talks about the ways he uses various forms of art to complement and sustain his architectural practice.


I have been drawing ever since I can remember and began making oil paintings when I was in high school. For me, art has always been something I enjoyed doing without aim.

I never thought of art as something I would pursue as a career, but creating art was something I was passionate about so I decided to follow a hunch and pursue architecture and design. It was in my initial design classes where I began to fall in love with architecture and design. In a way I became obsessed. It was fascinating the way architects thought about space, experience, and place. I enjoyed model making, sketching, and designing experiences.

In my downtime, I would still paint. However, as I was pulled further into architecture and design, I began to focus less on my personal art. When I began to feel frustrated with the practice of architecture, I began to reincorporate art back into my life. At a certain point, I decided there is a space between the practice of architecture and art that I want to always inhabit—it is a place of balance for me.

My artwork captures this constant push and pull; a symbiotic relationship if you will, between art and architecture. Through art, I can achieve creation without boundaries.

For the past few years, a majority of my artwork has been digital, created using my cell phone, translated in 3-D modeling programs, and ultimately into physical models. Recently, I have gotten back into painting, and right now I am playing with concepts of how to merge my digital work and physical painting.

I am constantly working with concepts of creation, contemporary space (both physical and digital), physics, biology, duplication, mutation, entropy, spontaneity, order, and most recently consciousness and balance.