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Design Considered: By Wolcott

Whether on the heels of a global pandemic, or thanks to technological advancement, how we build the space around us has always reflected the times we're in. The most trying times demand visionaries: forward thinkers and risk takers that could meet new challenges with new solutions. Designers and architects have always been at the forefront of these moments; tasked with building new and innovative spaces, even if we rarely consider the "why" behind them. At Wolcott, we're constantly looking for ways to add value to the world around us, beyond the work we do. More than ever, people are asking questions about what inspires and informs the space they occupy. So we've come up with a way to bring the conversations that we the designers and architects consider daily, to you. We're excited to announce the launch of "Design Considered: By Wolcott"– a bi-weekly podcast series that considers the impact and future of architecture and design. Featuring insightful and timely conversations with the Wolcott team as well as world-class guests, experience unfiltered insight into the conversations that shape the world around us, literally. "Design Considered" is available wherever you get your podcasts! We hope you subscribe, share and let us know what you want to hear in the future.

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