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The change at hand is a long time coming. The future is HOMEWORK.

HomeWork is Wolcott’s holistic approach to make Work work better, including three interrelated projects: Re-Entry, Work from Home, and Future Work solutions. Wolcott is going beyond minimal distancing guidelines to discover human-centric ways to improve the work experience, creating safe, efficient and connected work spaces for both your office and your employee’s home.

Everyone Is Now Aligned

A lot of people are talking about how the coronavirus pandemic is going to change the way people do their jobs. But the change at hand has been a long time coming. This is a major opportunity for alignment around workplace strategy.

It is rather unsurprising news that startups and tech giants are preparing to expand work from home, decentralize office locations and create more flexible office space strategies. Twitter, for example, now says its employees can work from home forever.

What’s really changed is that now even the old guard leadership and captains of industry have recognized the urgency to change. Take Warren Buffett, the 89-year-old chairman and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway. At last week’s Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, Buffett finally came to the realization that, “The supply and demand for office space may change significantly. A lot of people have learned that they can work at home, or that there’s other methods of conducting their business than they might have thought from what they were doing a couple of years ago. When change happens in the world, you adjust to it.”

So now that so many are in agreement, what do we do?

HomeWork Is About New Ways of Working Together

Wolcott is developing a comprehensive solution for how organizations can work together in new ways in the future. It will consider and combine multiple levels of your organization’s work culture, featuring three inter-related projects:


When we’re cleared for returning to the office, Wolcott can help you restart your existing office and help you create a safe space. Many people are feeling anxious and risk-averse. RE-ENTRY prioritizes ways of helping your team find comfort in working together again. Of course, it has to be a healthy environment that conforms to all health agency regulations, which we’re constantly monitoring. Wolcott can also create a human-centric environment where your team feels comfortable and safe, a place where people want to go, be social (again) and work productively. Wolcott’s RE-ENTRY plans are sensitive to the holistic environment.

Working with your team, Wolcott can quickly reposition your office for de-densification, lining up healthy habits and digging into creative solutions to put wellness first. Along with these guidelines, we will analyze and redesign your space to maximize efficiency while integrating new healthy protocols.


Most of your organization is working from home right now and this trend will persist. Human culture is cumulative, it’s what social scientists call the Ratchet Effect: once a new social habit has been introduced, it’s difficult to reverse.

Wolcott is looking holistically at how work gets done at home—including functional, emotional and social dimensions—to create easy-to-install products and flexible solutions. This is not simply a new furniture solution, we are looking at everything from lighting to technological connectivity, from atmospherics to ergonomics.


In a world where more people work from home and the office environment is redesigned for less density, organizations need to develop greater strategic clarity around the purpose of the office and where work can get done. The office is NOT going away. But the purpose of these spaces may shift. Wolcott can help you plan for these changes in a way that’s positive for increased productivity, collaborative creativity, worker satisfaction, employee engagement and talent retention. We can also help insure that your new strategy is good for your bottom line.

We are imagining future divisions of work accomplished in different places, and customized for your organizational culture. For example, some office spaces may focus more on social experiences that cannot happen at home, such as building culture, fostering collaboration and sparking innovation. Wolcott will help you determine how to optimize office spaces, imagine decentralization, or figure out how to effectively plan for shift working.

Let’s Talk

In the coming days and weeks, Wolcott will be offering ideas and inspirations around these aspects of the future work experience. Your work culture is unique, and we understand that. So reach out to talk about how we can customize our HOMEWORK services for your organization.