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Remarkably Innovative

Wolcott’s own designer, Robbie Mehring, and his teammates were selected amongst several competitors to conceptualize and develop an exhibition space that holds a series of 29 interchangeable boards for a student competition called “2x8 Interlaced”.

The opportunity arose after a former professor reached out encouraging the team to respond to an RFP from the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The team, consisting of Mehring, his business partner, Biayna Bogosian, and fabrication consultant, Armen Zeitounian of Studio Hetanos jumped at the opportunity and immediately began conceptualization.

In order to create the curved petal shape of the structures, PVC pipes were filled with sand that was heated up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit- this allows the PVC to become “noodle-like,” then bent. Next, the vinyl information boards were wrapped around aluminum framework and nestled within the woven cords, creating a floating illusion.

Once packaged and complete, the team presented seven pod-like vessels: Four three-sided pods, two five-sided pods, and one seven-sided pod that housed the 29 boards.

The opening reception was held on May 22nd at the Helms Bakery District and Robbie and team were honored by the AIA. The pods will remain on display until June 17th.

As we like to say at Wolcott, a big “three claps” to Robbie and team!