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Think Tank Panel Discussion, Metropolis Magazine

Adapting for the New Workplace

Wolcott was honored to be to invited to speak on the Metropolis Think Tank panel discussion Moderated by Metropolis Magazine's Susan S. Szenasy, director of design innovation.

Ms. Szenasy was accompanied by Wolcott's own Studio Director, Carlos Carrasquillo, John Barganski of Brookfield Properties and Matthew Lavin of Worthe Real Estate.

Our Abstract:

Positive outcomes for sustainability, urban revitalization, historic preservation, and cost continue to demonstrate the viability of the adaptive re-use strategy in architecture. But while starting with an already standing building relieves certain development pressures, the approach is not without obstacles especially when adapting for the contemporary workplace. With pervasive connectivity and very broad programming as the norm, today’s office suite demands much from yesterday’s factory floor and the task of the architect is more complex than ever. This panel will explore the challenges and opportunities in transforming industrial era spaces into the dynamic workplaces of today.

Key Points Made:

Landlords and employers making changes to their buildings and companies driven by the fight for talent.

Landlords are developing spaces in their buildings for employees to interact.

Landlords are partnering with their tenants so that the relationship is mutually beneficial.

Amenities are very important – if you don’t have them nearby, make them.

Millennials are driving the trends and will continue to transform the way we work. The newest generation, generation Z, curates their own environment.

Historically, high rises were geared toward making people feel important upon entry, now they are designed to make people feel welcomed and comfortable.

Click here to learn more on the topic: http://www.metropolismag.com/cities/adapting-for-the-new-workplace/