Kennedy Wilson

Corporate Headquarters

Beverly Hills, CA

Kennedy Wilson wanted a timeless, classic yet modern office. It was important that passersby understood their relevance to the city. To accomplish this, Wolcott first re-skinned the building exterior with floor-to-ceiling glass. Backlit, billboard-sized wall graphics featuring the client’s most impressive properties integrated into the lobby design, now visible to the street. The effect produces a kind of “retail experience” for anyone passing

by – quite dramatic, especially at night. The balance of the building now centers on a grand staircase – open and transparent, flooding the entire office with natural light. The stair features stainless steel cladding and glass treads, and it abuts a split-faced stone wall, each element echoing the strength and stability of the organization. We incorporated a water element at the base of the stair with semi submerged blocks of basalt that represent the buildings of the Beverly Hills “golden triangle,” with both Kennedy-Wilson buildings highlighted in white marble.