At Wolcott Architecture
Los Angeles, CA

Position Description:

The Technical Director (TD) is responsible for firm-wide technical quality review and quality management, developing and maintaining firm wide technical standards, providing leadership and mentorship to staff and contributing to firm operations as an advisor on design, architectural technology as well as enterprise-level IT infrastructure, talent development and process improvement. The Technical Director will supervise Technical Coordinator(s) and report directly to the Principals. The Technical Director will be a member of the IT Committee to help steer strategic and operational initiates and procurement as well as monitor day-to-day operational issues related to the end-user experience with and access to software and hardware.


  • Responsible for QA/QC of all construction/contract documents, drawings and specifications. Responsible for detailed final review and approval of all plan check, bid and IFC documentation prior to stamping and signature.
  • Assists project teams with the creation of complex or newly defined details, to improve the clarity and specificity of project drawings. Assures these new details become part of the company standards library. Verifies integrity of design and constructability for construction drawings and details.
  • Monitor, develop and improve firm-wide QA process that will enable the office to produce high quality drawings and specifications.
  • Monitor construction/contract Administration processes and procedures to insure accuracy prior to approval.
  • Monitor and develop technical standards and ensure that they are applied.
  • Provide technical support to staff and monitor documentation process identifying issues that require review, study or development. Prepare and conduct in-house technical trainings to disseminate knowledge on code changes and methodologies.
  • Administer firm architectural detail library and standard templates for CAD and Revit and publish updated material.
  • Ensures technical currency with jurisdictional entitlement processes, code requirements and regulations.
  • Consult on and influence strategic and operational IT issues including but not limited to optimizing IT infrastructure and operations across the enterprise.
  • Monitor the end-user experience with hardware and software and make suggestions to improve administration or to procure needed equipment or software.
  • Identify and advise on computing, BIM, CAD and 3D modeling technologies upgrades and solutions for short and long term implementation.


  • A minimum of 20 years previous experience in the architectural/interiors field, with a 5-year professional degree from an accredited university. Advanced degree desired but not required. A strong background in Technical Architecture with overlap into Interiors is desirable. Licensed Architect desired but not required.
  • Expert in all aspects of architecture, interior planning, design and construction with acute awareness, understanding, and acknowledgement of the relationships of project schedule, design fees, project budgets, reimbursable costs, etc.
  • Knowledgeable about relevant design details and drawing standards.
  • Extensive knowledge of building code and plan check processes across multiple local jurisdictions.
  • Proven leader with excellent verbal and written communication skills with capacity to provide a positive atmosphere for learning and professional growth for all professional staff at all levels.
  • Working capability in industry-standard word processing (MS Word), spreadsheet (MS Excel), presentation (MS PowerPoint), image editing (Photoshop or equal), scheduling (MS Project), page layout (Illustrator or equal), e-mail (Outlook), web browser (IE or equal), and file formatting (Acrobat) programs, as well as proficiency in AutoCAD and Revit.
  • Comprehensive understanding of company IT infrastructure and computing networks (LAN and WAN) and technology. Understanding of the integration requirements of industry Architectural documentation software with IT hardware and software. Understanding of CAD & Revit Standards version release techniques and methods.

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