At Wolcott Architecture
Los Angeles, CA

Purpose of Position: The Intermediate Designer is involved in routine and complex assignments. The Intermediate Designer works with a Project Manager and is responsible for actively participating and contributing to developing design concepts incorporated into the final product by production staff.  The Intermediate Designer, in the role of project leader, may begin to handle some project management tasks but will primarily work on technical aspects.

Typical Duties:

  • Working knowledge of fundamental aspects of interior planning and design.
  • Working knowledge of staff and space programming.
  • Working knowledge of furnishings, architectural materials and construction costs.
  • Working knowledge of local codes (including ADA, IBC, Title 24, and CBC codes).
  • Capable of developing space plans with minimal supervision and oversight.
  • Basic understanding of BOMA calculation concepts.
  • Capable of developing basic furniture specifications and schematic installation drawings, including systems furniture.
  • Capable of developing and presenting basic design concepts for architectural treatments, detailing, lighting, materials, and furnishings with minimal supervision and oversight.
  • Capable of basic black-line hand sketching sufficient to communicate design concepts and intent.
  • Capable of preparing CAD-generated architectural working drawings with minimal supervision and oversight.
  • Review shop drawings and submittals.
  • Capable of assisting in preparation of presentation materials including computer-generated, hand-drawn and photographic images and creation of material boards.
  • Knowledgeable of capabilities and materials of printing, graphic, and reprographic service providers.
  • Capable of leading field surveys and documentation of as-built conditions.
  • Capable of leading furniture inventory and survey, and documentation of as-built conditions.
  • Basic editing capability in industry-standard word processing (MS Word), spreadsheet (MS Excel), presentation (MS PowerPoint), image editing (PhotoShop or equal), scheduling (MS Project), page layout (Illustrator or equal), e-mail (Outlook), web browser (IE or equal), and file formatting (Acrobat) programs, as well as proficiency in AutoCAD Architectural Desktop.
  • Responsible for review and coordination of a complete construction document set prior to final review by the Project Manager.
  • Basic awareness and understanding of project schedule, design fees, project budgets, reimbursable costs, etc.
  • Work with staff, either individually or in-groups, to provide a positive atmosphere for learning and professional growth.

May occasionally be called upon to:

  • Work with staff, either individually or in-groups, to provide a positive atmosphere for learning and professional growth.
  • Assist with administrative documentation related to project management.
  • Basic knowledge of LEED/Sustainability design concepts and certification requirements.

Experience Required:

A minimum of 6 years previous design experience in the architectural/interiors field.

Apply to:

*Please send resume & portfolio in PDF format, no more than 10 MB files.