At Wolcott Architecture
Los Angeles, CA

Purpose of Position: The Executive Assistant performs various administrative duties requiring a thorough knowledge of office routine and an understanding of the organization, programs, and procedures relevant to the activities of the company, Principals or other assigned individual Supervisor. Responsibilities require a high degree of initiative, judgment, multi-tasking, and time management skills. Executive Assistant should have a strong work ethic, positive attitude, be friendly yet professional, team player, punctual and reliable.

Typical Duties:

  • Answer phone 8AM – 5PM.
  • Maintaining correspondence using the business’ format and standards (i.e. proposals, meeting reports, memos, transmittals, etc.), as directed by Senior Staff or management personnel.
  • Preparation of spreadsheets, graph charts and general documentation from redlined/edited documents prepared by Senior Staff or management.
  • Responsible for the filing of all documents categorized by project as directed by Senior Staff or management on a timely basis.
  • Preparing contracts.
  • Responsible for obtaining signed approval from Senior Staff or management for documents to be released or issued to clients.
  • Maintain schedules.
  • Set-up/organize meetings for SAW+ as requested using Outlook calendar.
  • Prepare for meetings/presentation/interviews, including conference room set-up (food, beverage, writing tablets, etc.)
  • Verify/confirm location and preparing driving directions for project meetings.
  • Place calls on behalf of the firm when requested.
  • Handling of personal requests.
  • Maintain confidentiality of any information obtained through the business.
  • General maintenance of paperwork and emails for the business.
  • Responsible for maintaining all marketing materials and ensuring that firm brochures are always updated and available.
  • Responsible for updating the firm’s main project database and database of business contacts.
  • Responsible for ordering supplies for the office & payment of all operations/expenses.
  • May be required to perform tasks relative to maintenance of the building.
  • Responsible for keeping the reception area, conference room, supply cabinets and office area organized at all times (overall cleanliness of the office, including the pantry areas).
  • Proficient in the following software: Microsoft Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet applications, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
  • Responsible for faxing, emailing, messengering and mailing of correspondence.
  • Responsible for distribution of mail, messenger/Fed Ex/UPS packages, faxes, etc. to staff.
  • Responsible for logging of prints, copies, faxes, mail, messenger, and Fed Ex documents.
  • Act as back-up to Asst. PMs when they are at lunch, sick, or on vacation.
  • Assist with, coordinate, and set-up charitable events (i.e. MS Walk).
  • Coordinate all travel (i.e. monitor airline account upgrade balances, alternative flights, etc.) and arrangements (i.e. itineraries, cellular coverage, luggage shipment, and passes). Personal and business travel for Principal and the Business.
  • Find and purchase concert and sporting event tickets.
  • Track all business expenses.
  • Coordinate with tax accountant as required per direction.
  • Purchase and coordinate corporate gifts to individuals (holiday, new baby, wedding, champagne, books, etc.) and charitable contribution gifts (In Memory of, Bar Mitzvah, etc.).
  • RSVP for client events
  • Personal and business & personal related restaurant reservations.
  • Closely monitor Account Payable and Receivables.
  • Travel to & from home office as required (WLA)
  • Check for mail and deliveries daily.

Project Management Specific Responsibilities:

  • Maintain all Project Management Operation tracking reports (revenue report, vendor tracking reports for each project, Landlord TI Disbursement summary for each project).
  • Assist in preparing marketing/pitch material for interviews/presentations and meetings.
  • Updating capabilities package and reordering when needed.
  • Prepare monthly TI reimbursement requests to Landlord.
  • Prepare monthly business and PM invoices for project payment applications.
  • Prepare monthly client and Landlord payment applications for each project with summary, current invoice transmittal, and Vendor Tracking Report.
  • Review current budgets prior to processing invoices for payment.
  • Review with PM, discuss any discrepancies between budget and actual amount being requested by vendor if invoice is above the actual approved budget.
  • Send out request for invoice reminders monthly to all vendors.
  • Communication with Landlords and clients as needed and requested by PM regarding status of payments.
  • Accept vendor calls for non-payment of previous invoices submitted and track status of payment with client and Landlord.
  • Prepare and facilitate project close out process.
  • Assists in collection of all lien releases as required (conditional and unconditional) for each payment application (track status with lien release log for each project).
  • Assist to coordinate request for insurance with insurance vendor at commencement of each project
  • Collect W-9 from all vendors. Update revenue projection and track all invoices until paid.

Experience Required:

A minimum of five years of similar administrative support experience.

Apply to: resumes@wolcottai.com

*Please send resume & portfolio in PDF format, no more than 10 MB files.