Critical Content

Corporate Headquarters

West Hollywood, CA

Critical Content is a production company that creates content for multiple TV platforms, and focuses on both scripted and non-scripted material. The company started up, grew organically, and found the need and opportunity for a new office environment to accompany their evolving identity. Creativity and personality were core concepts in the interior design, and is accented by thoughtful furniture selections and a curated art collection throughout.    

The entry sequence is full of little touches that inspire and delight, from the supergraphic elevator lobby art to the reception desk recreated from an old 1960’s Magnavox TV/turnable. The angular architecture of the space inspired every element in the floor plan, from the conference room that echoes the angles, to custom workstation designs that feature the same angles and fall in to irregular shapes on a dynamic meandering path through the space. 

The client had a need for many offices, and the design team worked with the programmatic numbers to fit the requirements into the space without sacrificing natural light and peeks through to the surrounding views of the Hollywood Hills and Downtown Los Angeles. 

The Lounge and Café space was extremely important to their culture, as much of their brainstorming happens around the kitchen island with coffee in hand; this space also serves for entertaining. In the Lounge, there is a TV that is linked to their main post production space in Burbank, to keep the two arms of the company connected. The floor plan is assembled in such a way that there is curiosity down every sight line, while balancing the need for functional space; the space is the visual interpretation of their brand and purpose to create dynamic and interesting content.