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California Wellness Foundation

Corporate Office

Los Angeles, CA

The California Wellness Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the health and wellness of the people of California. Their grants cater to the underserved population by maximizing access to health care, education, reputable jobs and safe neighborhoods.

With new leadership in place, California Wellness was prepared to make some meaningful changes. For them, this began with the design of their new headquarters. They wanted the space to set a new standard for the company that would begin internally, radiating out from their multi-generational staff to the public and inspiring all stakeholders.

With the idea of inspired change, California Wellness’ first big move was to relocate from the San Fernando Valley to DTLA. This was big. For many who had been with the company for twenty years, it meant a longer commute and stepping outside of their comfort zone into a new urban destination. Their second significant decision was to pull everyone out of private offices. This would create a more collaborative environment and would encourage spontaneous interactions between teams that may not have interacted in years. 

By taking everyone out of offices, the design team was given the freedom to accommodate space for a forty-member board room that could host meetings and training sessions for staff, as well as create a space, known as the huddle hub, that could host events to welcome outside guests. This new open environment also allowed for more thoughtfully placed collaboration zones and a healthy sized lounge for the staff to enjoy.